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Sea Otter Success

Posted on Apr 25, 2012

A heartfelt “thank you” to all media and riders who stopped by our booth last weekend at the Sea Otter Classic. As innovator of the revolutionary ADAPTRAC system it was gratifying to witness the overwhelmingly positive response. As evidenced by the “viral” spreading of our story on the internet we know that we have created a product that will forever change the nature of the mountain biking experience. Now, the ability to control tire pressure on the fly – to adapt instantaneously to changing terrain is, as many expressed “a dream come true”.

The Sea Otter venue gave us great feedback and opportunities for education as attendees were able to touch, feel and “play” with the system on our demo bikes. Whether you’re a hardcore or casual rider we are proud to have created a new technology for mountain bikes that will greatly improve the quality of your ride. We invite your questions and comments at

Warm regards and a trail nod,

Brandt Weibezahn