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As mountain bike technology evolves, year after year huge sums are spent on incremental improvements in frame design, suspension and shock technology.  Most would agree however, that the most important variable in mountain bike performance is tire pressure.  This is your only contact with the trail and thus determines the quality and flow of the ride.  Until now riders have been forced to compromise, averaging the best overall tire pressure for the terrain.  Unfortunately, one tire pressure for all conditions diminishes the benefits of other technological improvements.  ADAPTRAC changes everything!  Now riders are able to control this variable and adapt tire pressure to ever-changing traction requirements.


ADAPTRAC is a multi-component system comprised of special patent pending hubs and a dual control valve. Tire pressure can be raised or lowered while riding with a quick press of the finger on the handlebar control toggles. Actual tire pressure is displayed on analog gauges mounted on the handlebars. The system utilizes 12x142mm rear and 15mm front axle standards – wheels can be removed as you would normally.  You can now tune your tire pressure to the trail – in seconds!


The ADAPTRAC system is compatible with bike frames utilizing the newer 12x142mm axle (rear wheel) and 15mm axle (front wheel). Included in the system are replacement axles specific to your bike brand and model. All components can be installed by anyone reasonably handy with simple tools in less than half an hour. Refer to the instruction section of this website for download in PDF format. Alternatively, any bike shop can easily handle the install.


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