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Adaptrac – Sea Otter 2013

Posted on Nov 21, 2012

It’s now been almost 8 months since our product launch at Sea Otter 2012. That was both an exhausting but exhilarating event. The interest in our product was unprecedented. We had 40,000 hits to our website within the first 48 hours of our first press release. There has been interest in our technology from almost every continent and I have been responding (or attempting to respond) to emails in at least 5 languages. Our product is now being used in the development center of a major mountain bike tire manufacturer in Europe and we are about to offer our products through On the home front, our test rider Eric Opperman has been busy testing and abusing our test bikes throughout the west coast. His crusade, to display the effectiveness and robustness of our Adaptrac system, has taken him to many of the west’s best trails. Videos of the trip will be posted on our site soon for all to see. Our brethren from the north, the snow bike crowd, have been particularly excited about what the system can do for them. Regularly riding at tire pressures as low as 4psi, they see the real potential our system can bring to the fat bike contingent. We are continuing to innovate new products. We are working on a 170mm hub for symmetrical fat bikes. And because so many riders with bikes with standard 10mm dropouts want our system, we are developing a new rear axle that will allow the system to be installed on almost any mountain bike, old or new.

For those who are not familiar with our system, Adaptrac is a system of parts consisting of hubs, control valve, gauges, a regulator and CO2 tank that empowers the rider to adjust his tire pressure on the fly. Why would a rider want to do this? Lowering tire pressure before a descent is the most effective method to enhance traction and grip. The lower pressures required during a descent are too low for the rest of your ride. With Adaptrac, a flick of your thumb gets you back up to your normal tire pressure until the next descent. Additionally, you can adjust your pressure up beyond the normal range for that ride back home on the road. Who wants to road ride at 35psi? Pump it up to 50-60psi! Why not? With Adaptrac, you can optimize your tire pressure to the conditions you are experiencing on the trail, not that theoretical compromise of one set pressure.

We look forward to showing everyone our system and demonstrate its features at Sea otter 2013. We will also have a big surprise for the fat bike people out there as well.

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